Bruce on Rig

My wife and I live in Watertown, Wisconsin with our Alaskan Malamutes. We have had Malamutes since 2005. From the time we got our second Malamute, we started doing sledding with them during the winter months. As you may have noticed a lot of areas do not get nearly the snowfall that we used to and the winter season seems to be way too short. This is the reason that I started building Dryland mushing rigs in 2013. I built a rig for myself to use with our Malamutes and then also shared them with a few of my close friends.

As we all know Malamutes are not known to be fast however they are strong pullers so we did not intend to do any racing, therefore, I chose not to purchase a racing-style rig to be used in competition. The racing position that you need to assume while being on that style rig was uncomfortable if you just wanted to be a recreational musher down a bicycle trail. The rigs that I build allow you to assume a more upright position while exercising your dogs helping to satisfy their DNA.

These rigs are simple, affordable, and effective. I currently have hundreds of rigs being used across the country.  Additionally, I have also launched our K9 Cruiser racing rig and a lightweight scooter for competition! Click over to the rig models and see all the details!

Join our closed Facebook Group to see rigs in actions across the country, connect with other owners, and stay up to date on new design modifications!

So, will you be next to start making tracks with your own Wolftrack?  Get in on the fun! Thank you, “Wolfy” (Bruce Wolff).

Bruce with dogs 2

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