***Important*** Alpha and Beta Carts Wolftrack Dog Carts are not intended for racing or competition. They are fabricated to be used for the recreational dry land musher only.

The K 9 Cruiser and the 29/26 Scooter both qualify as a racing competition rig.

Due to the weight of these carts, it is not intended for single dog teams. A general guideline is that pulling dogs can comfortably pull about two and a half to three times it’s own weight. That is the combined weight of the rig plus rider.  Some can easily do more and others may refuse to pull. Please keep this in mind as you review this information.

How much do the dog carts weigh?

The Alpha rig weighs 80# and the Beta rig weighs 75#

What are the dimensions of the carts?
The alpha model is approximately 42” wide to outside of the wheels and about 5ft long. This model has 8” wide foot platforms with a 16” wide opening between them. The beta model is approximately 34” wide to outside of wheels and the same length. This model has 6” wide foot platforms and 11” wide opening between them.

Orange Alpha Model Dog Rig
Alpha Model
Red beta model rig in snow
Beta Model
Side By Side
Alpha (red) and Beta (blue) Rigs Side By Side
Do they have brakes?
Yes, each model comes with bar-style foot-operated friction brakes which engage both rear tires. Stepping harder on that same bar applies the parking brake for safety.
brakes faq
Do the dog carts fold down?
No, the dog carts do not fold down but they do come apart easily by removing one ¾ inch pin that holds the fork to the base. This allows for ease of transportation and takes up less space in your vehicle. They fit easily in the back of most SUV’s , or on a rear hitch carrier.
assembly faq

Do they come in different colors?
The deck of each rig will be black. I do not do a powder coat paint finish. You can choose the color of the front fork. I use Rustoleum Enamel spray paint. Whatever color that is available from this company can be a color choice. I will only use what is locally available to keep cost down.

Natural aluminum color is also available with clearcoat same price as color choices.

Upgraded powder-coat paint available on Alpha and Beta for an additional $125.

Are there additional options?
Yes, for an extra charge I can add a small water bowl shelf. Either model has an optional drop-in section to convert to a full deck.
Water bowl shelf and removable deck insert
Water bowl shelf and removable deck insert

What if a tire goes flat?

I buy the tires from Tractor Supply Company. You can get replacement tires and replacement wheel bearings from this store.

What is the K9 Cruiser?

Tig welded 6061 T6 aluminum frame, suspension fork with preload and lockout, double-wall aluminum wheels (26″ front and 20″ rear), locking shimano disc brakes on all 3 wheels, gangline attachment lug and spring-loaded antenna, handlebars 5″ or 1″ rise (your choice).

K9 Cruiser is 44″ wide and 72″ long and 40#.

Blue three wheel racing model
Aluminum Frame

What is the 29/26 Scooter

Tig welded 6061 T6 aluminum frame, suspension fork with preload and lockout, double-wall aluminum wheels (29″ front and 26″ rear), locking shimano disc brakes, rear leg guard, gangline attachment lug, spring-loaded antenna included.

Scooter weighs 30# as pictured

Orange 2 wheel scooter
Scooter Model

Can they be shipped?
Yes. There is a “some assembly required” version available to ship UPS Ground. The K 9 Cruiser is shipped through UPS Freight.

How do I purchase one?

A $200 deposit is required to start your order for Alpha and Beta models. There is a $1000 deposit required for the K 9 Cruiser model.  A $500 deposit is required to start your 29/26 Scooter model. Please do not send a deposit until I contact you to confirm order details.  

Contact me for details. Balance is due when a tracking number is generated or when you pick it up. You can send through PayPal or money order.

How long will it take to receive my rig?

I work full time away from home and build rigs on the weekends. I ask for 30 days advance notice but it will vary based on current orders. Please state the approximate timeline that you would be ready for your rig if there is a waiting period. Occasionally some customers have snow to sled on and would let other orders get filled first. State that in the customer comments section on the order form.

How much for shipping?
Shipping costs will vary depending on your location. Shipping, handling, and packaging costs will be quoted upon your request. I can give you an estimate based on your location.

If I submit an order am I contracted to complete the purchase?
It is not a contracted agreement until I receive your payment 1-2 weeks prior to beginning the construction of your rig.

I am ready to place an order. What do I do next?
Please continue to the order form here.

***Please do not send the down payment when you place the order. I will contact you when I am within a week of starting your order and will accept the down payment at that time*** Contact me at wolftrackLLC@gmail.com if you have any questions.

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