Rig Models

The alpha model is approximately 42” wide to outside of the wheels and about 5ft long. This model has 8” wide foot platforms with a 16” wide opening between them. This model is larger and the deck weighs about 58#.

Alpha Rig $545 

Alpha Model

The beta model is approximately 34” wide to outside of wheels and the same length. This model has 6” wide foot platforms and 11” wide opening between them. This is a mid-sized rig weighing about 75# total.

Beta Rig $495

Beta Model
Side By Side
Alpha (red) and Beta (blue) Rigs Side By Side

K9 Cruiser Racing Competition Rig – Pricing $1800

Tig welded 6061 T6 aluminum frame, suspension fork with preload, double wall aluminum wheels (26″ front and 20″ rear), locking shimano disc brakes on all 3 wheels, non stop dog gear antenna, handle bars 5″ or 1″ rise (your choice).

K9 Cruiser is 44″ wide and 72″ long and 40#.

K9 Cruiser Model
K9 Cruiser

Available Add-Ons

Water Bowl Shelf for Alpha Rig $45

Water Bowl Shelf for Beta Rig $45

Deck insert for Alpha Rig $55

Deck insert for Beta Rig $45

Deck and Water Shelf
Water Bowl Shelf and Deck Add-Ons

The base of these rigs are always in black. I use only Rustoleum Enamel Spray Paint for fork color. Please refer to the Rustoleum Enamel Spray Paint color guides for item number of your paint choice. List the 3 top choices of color item number below. I will search locally and let you know which are available.

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